when I said I would color this
I did not anticipate actually cleaning it up and finishing it
aka putting effort in
why does this happen to me

wips and a doodle I really really hate

If you accept requests, here's an idea; essentially the lalondes were born blind, and must walk through the world barefooted in order to sense their surroundings. Please illustrate anything around this concept! Perhaps a mature adult Rose who's grown strong through her hard life?

I’m afraid requests are only done on special occasions, anon! i.e. when I reblog/post things like “send me a character and a number!” or something like that

not to mention this is a touch specific! feel free to keep an eye out for when my commissions open though

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Hello! I was wondering if I could use your Vodka mutuni in a glass drawing as my icon. I will give you credit of course. I understand if you don't want me to. Thanks!

of course, that’s perfectly fine! if you could give me credit somewhere, that’d be much appreciated too

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Reblog if you read Homestuck


need homestucks to follow

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I probably flipped her horns

I want to color this later

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I was going to draw droog but then I got sidetracked by searching for cosplay stuff and going to hell and back for some kryolan paint and literally all I got done in the end was this vague pose

[HEAVY BREATHING] I love electro swing so much


Tumblr Songs 9/10: Crash by Caravan Palace

(I’m not taking suggestions anymore!)

Drew this with the CoLab’s Felt Intermission playing.  An old favorite in terms of background listening. <3

R, S, T, and W! (All for future reference uwu)

R - For me to tell 10 of my curiosities.

this question is confusing as hell but assuming its 10 things I’m curious about…

-people’s honest thoughts about me

-who actually pays attention to my blog

-what is going on with dennys

-what my followers want me to post

-who on earth thought mla was a good idea

-what a psychologist would have to say about me

-why root beer is called beer if it isnt alcoholic

-how regular strawberry daiquiris taste compared to virigin ones

-how loud I can yell

-just how tiny are bby deer

S - 2 habits.

-messing with my hair/neck/back/face

-curling up and laying all over the place

T- 5 things I love unconditionally.

-cuddles with loved ones



-cute panties

-demon bbys

W - An idol.

oh god um amy hennig maybe??? yay for female figures in the video game industry

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